Strange Monoliths Appearing…

Wondering…..Strange Monoliths appearing and disappearing….

A large Metal Monolith mysteriously appeared in the remote region of Utah’s Red Rock Country, USA. Discovered on Nov 18th, this three-sided metallic prism, approximately 10 to 12 feet tall, looked like it was planted there, buried deep in the rock, not dropped from the air. Google Earth images indicate the monolith has been in that location since at least 2016. Just as it mysteriously appeared, it disappeared around the 27th of November.

Just days after the disappearance in Utah, another Mysterious Monolith suddenly appeared in Romania, also disappearing a few days later.

Of course when there is mystery, there are the theories of its origin that span from the Science Fiction, such as aliens and time travel assisted artifacts, to the more down to Earth, such as a film prop or art installation.

What do you think, Portal to another World, Dimension, Realm…or just an Earthling giving the world a little mystery?

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