Make a Choice…Achieve Change

Life’s Ups and Downs, it’s like a roller coaster, sometimes spiraling out of control it seems…

It may seem we have no control, but we must realize, that we actually do. Our life journey is about the choices we make, the chances we take, and the changes we seek. We must make a choice, to take a chance, to achieve the change we desire.

If there is a will, there is a way! Step one is having the will power. The will seems easy enough, but depends on how strong your will is, how much do you want the change, are you willing to do everything within your power to make it happen… If not, then maybe you should reassess what you want to change.

Taking a chance…Step two is the absolute most difficult, as it requires action. This is where most get stuck finding their courage to take action in order to move towards the change in which they seek. If you never take action, then you will never achieve the change and then you will live with the regret. Do you want regret or change?

Fear can be a powerful thing! If you truly want change then you must refuse to let fear stop you! Fighting fear is a constant battle, but it does get easier once we realize the change we want is worth the battle. You must keep moving forward, you must find the strength within you to not let it overcome you…you must be victorious in your fight, you must decide that failure is not an option for you.

Yes along the way, you probably will experience some setbacks, but you must once again, find a way to keep moving forward and overcome the challenges. Find a solution to the setbacks, find another path to victory if you must, but don’t let the challenges and obstacles stop you from achieving the change you desire.

Sometimes these obstacles, challenges and mistakes we make leads us in a direction we had not thought of, sometimes for the better, so embrace them, learn from them and carry on, do not let them stop you! You must constantly be strong, alert and at the ready. Envision yourself as a warrior on a quest fighting against evil, because that is what you are…a warrior, fighting for the good of You!

Draw strength from your past experiences, it has helped me a lot. When life throws me rotten tomatoes, so to speak, I always remind myself, that I have overcome so much worst….so I say to myself….Zanna you got this!

Stop making excuses for your non action, because that is what they are, they are mostly lame excuses for not taking action. Your circumstances is not an viable excuse, your circumstances is probably why you seek change. Stop saying, I Can’t, I Won’t, Maybe Later/Tomorrow, l Might, I’ll Try….start saying I WILL TODAY! If you are making excuses then you probably don’t want the change you seek bad enough. Make Excuses or make Change, the Choice is Yours…

Most importantly…DO NOT and I repeat DO NOT allow yourself to fall into the abyss of despair and depression. That will not accomplish anything, that is letting the evil win, succumbing to defeat and the good for you, that you are fighting for, loses the battle. Yes, I know from experience, that is easier said than done, but you must be strong and stay strong in your fight, you must prevail, if truly want the change bad enough, you must refuse defeat!

Stay Positive! There is absolute power in Positivity and Negativity. Choose Positivity, do not allow the negativity to rule you. When something negative comes about, put it under a microscope and find something positive about it and don’t stop looking for it until you find it. Then take that positive thing that you find and use it in your quest.

A vision board can be helpful tool to keep you on track with your desired change. This can be electronic or a physical board you put up on the wall for you to see everyday or perhaps even both so you always have access to it where ever you are. I have a page within my Facebook account I created for my vision board, but I do find that a wall board is better if put in a place that you frequent in your home, also gives you an opportunity to be creative. I will write more about vision boards in my post tomorrow.

Just know, and I cannot express this enough…as it is infinite…all the strength, courage and determination you need for the change you seek, can be found in your Soul…it is there for you!

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