What will be Your Legacy?

Morbid subject…Hopefully, not too much so…Pondering the cycle of life….

With all beginnings their is an end, with life their is death, part of the life cycle. In the physical, have you thought about and or made plans for your passing and legacy?

Yes, yes, I know…some do not like to think about death, but it is part of our life journey here on Earth and feel we should take the time to Ponder it.

From time to time, I run across articles of peoples remains that have been laid to rest for hundreds and thousands of years being unearthed, and these are my pondering thoughts on the subject as it is what comes to mind when I see stories like these…

This unearthing, is exactly one of the reasons why I prefer cremation over being buried, they are always digging up human remains that are laid to rest. With the population increasing year over year and more people passing, in the future of expansion and progress, buildings will have to be built over Cemeteries, and or graves dug up and moved or even cremated to make more room for the physically increased human population.

No thank you….once I am gone, let me be in peace!

In researching cremation, historically the practice started during the early Stone Age, around 3000 B.C., but possibly even earlier. It started spreading across northern Europe during the late Stone Age, as evidenced by archaeological findings of decorative urns in western Russia among the Slavic peoples. By the time of the Roman Empire, 27 B.C. to 395 A.D., cremation was widely practiced, and remains were often stored in urns within column barium structures. For the early Christians, cremation practice was rare, as they considered it pagan and in Jewish culture, the traditional sepulcher entombment was their preferred practice over cremation.

On the spiritual aspects, in modern day, in some religions and faiths cremation is still not an accepted practice. One such belief for example is, “If your body is cremated, your Soul cannot return to be reborn on Earth.” I am not sure I believe that, as none of us really know for sure how the process works or even if reincarnation happens, we can only trust in our Soul for guidance. So with all the Earthly cons in being buried and with it being more expensive as well, I will take my chances on the spiritual.

Plus, I don’t want people visiting my dead body, I would prefer to be celebrated and honored while I am alive, then upon my passing I would want them to have a party and celebrate my life journey here on Earth. From there when I am being remembered, I want them to be thankful of the time together we shared and experienced, and to seek and see inspiration from my journey for their own. I don’t want them to be sad, I want them to be happy…as within the folds of time and existence, we shall all be together again…and I will always be within ones’ Heart and Soul.

As part of our Soul Evolution, it is important that we think about our legacy throughout our journey here on Earth. So ask yourself often, when people celebrate your Life Journey, what will be your Legacy, what do you want to be Remembered for? This may take a bit of Soul Searching to answer…so do make some time to ponder it…

Happy Soul Searching!

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