Happy Sun Snow Day

Happy Sun Snow Day!

Not much Sun this morning where I am at, instead a blessing of beautiful illuminating snow.

In the daylight, the snow gently covers nature, giving us an amazing wonderland to soak into our very Soul. If you catch the wonder just right in the evening, you can see tiny fairy lights just below the surface; as if gathering together, illuminating a tiny village just for you to see….so perhaps that you just might find it within your Soul to believe.

As I have expressed above, there is so much I.nspiration in natures snow to D.iscover, to E.volve in and to be A.mazed by, if one truly looks with their Soul.

They say no 2 snowflakes are alike…Souls are like that too…each are very unique!

So today, let your unique beautiful Soul illuminate all that is you!

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