Pondering…5th Kind Documentary

Yesterday while searching thru YouTube to quench my thirst for some thought provoking content, I ran across this “5th Kind” channel documentary that reviews some of the translations of the Bible and compares it to other ancient text such as the Sumerians. I found it a bit interesting and intriguing as it sort of relates to one of my writings years ago…

If I Were God…

If I were God
would I demand you to kneel before me
or would I ask you to stand beside me.

If I were God
would I demand you to follow me
or would I ask you to walk beside me.

If I were God
would I want you to spend billions
on a place for YOU to worship me
or would I want you to spend the billions on feeding
the hungry, housing the homeless, and caring for the sick.

If I were God
would I demand that you forsake your loved ones
to put me before them
or would I understand and want you to find
balance to treat them equally to me.

If I were God
would I demand you to destroy thy neighbor
because they do not believe in me
or would I want you to respect
and love thy neighbor.

If I were God
would I want you to live in fear of me
or would I want you to live in peace with me.

If I were God
would I or could I hurt you
or would I want you to learn to respect me
without fear, to allow your love for me to grow
freely within your heart and soul.

If I were God
I would not be what they teach me to be…
If I were God….I would be all Loving and would want you to be as I made you in my own image…

Of course there is those that fear what they do not understand and goes against their programmed self, so they automatically categorize this documentary viewpoint as satanic philosophies…

Many of you may be wondering how or why it is that I question the Bible…

In childhood I was brought up in the Baptist religion, even baptized, although too young to understand what that truly meant. My grandmother took us to Sunday School and Church as is customary on Sundays and most Wednesdays. She even read us the Bible nightly. I recall most nights as she read, I found myself peering out the window gazing at the Moon, as if it were calling to me…I pondered if it could save me from her evil…

Later in my teenage years, my supposed parent/legal guardian that saved me from my grandmother when I was around the age of ten, enrolled me in a private Christian school. They did not want me in public school as a teenager, too much of a chance for me to realize and speak of their own evil. The plan failed, I did come to the realization and spoke, I confided in my best friend and she encouraged me to go to the Pastor for help.

I will never forget that day! With my best friend by my side, across from us sat the Pastor, Principal and a teacher of the school, they had their Bibles open and ready to help me with whatever was conflicting me. In a emotional distress state, I nervously spoke….I could tell by the look on their faces, this was not what they were expecting. They slowly closed their Bibles and said “There is nothing in here that can help you…” With these words, my heart and soul sank into an abyss of despair…I wondered…how is it that the word of God could not help me?

Ever since then, my programmed self has been free from what I was taught as a child, it unlocked my mind, allowing me to connect to my Soul….thus I question the legitimacy and man’s translation and interpretation of the Bible. I seek other resources, study ancient cultures text and practices and other views for the journey of my Soul here on Earth. Although in my quest…I do not fully trust the word of man or any one’s sole view point, as some if not most have personal agendas, such as fame and fortune…this is why it is so important, that we must rely heavily so, upon our Soul to decipher truth from deceit !

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