Create a Vision Board

What is a Vision Board?

A Vision Board is literally a display tool used to help you visualize and focus on the change you desire to accomplish. It can be used to visualize many areas of life that you want to change, such as relationships, career and finances, home, travel, personal growth to include spirituality, social life, education and health.

You may be wondering about, what if I just want to improve upon some areas….improving is change from the current condition. For example, you truly love your partner, but you desire them to be more romantic. To be more romantic is a change from the current.

You can create your own vision board with almost anything, a poster, any wall board such as one you attach pictures to or memos, you can make one out of cardboard and some fabric, you can use some twine and mini clothes pins to attach to a wall, or even a canvas or old window, you can of course also buy kits(I am not too impressed with them though). As you can see, you can get really creative making a vision board, one that is truly uniquely you.

Once you have decided on the design of your Vision Board, then do some Soul searching and find images that represents the change(s) that you seek. You can also associate some wording to each, like a quote, but don’t get too wordy, try to keep to a few words and be precise and positive. Don’t use words like hope, such as “I hope to travel.” Instead for example, word like, “I will travel to Paris in 2022.”

Most do not do this, but to me it is always best to not only include what you desire, but also when you desire it, as the time reference will stick with you and help you stay on track, otherwise it is easy to get in the mindset of someday and then the someday never happens. Do note though, when stating the when, you should be realistic on how long it will take you to accomplish. As stating “I will travel to Paris NOW” isn’t realistically doable. You will need to do a few things first to get there, such as, you may need to save money, get a passport, request time off work, book your flight and plan where you will stay and what you will do once there, and of course during this pandemic there is travel restrictions in place. Another example, just as in Travel, it is not feasible for your partner to be more romantic “NOW”, as it will take some time for you to figure out how you can, in a positive manner, get them to want to be more romantic without being demanding.

When putting your vision board together, try not to overwhelm yourself with too many desires at one time. Yes there is a lot out there that do this, but just as clutter in your home, this will clutter your vision. If you have too many going on at once, it will be difficult for you to juggle them all and your board will be a cluster and too busy, like as if you are a hoarder. A cluttered board will make it difficult for you to focus and reap the benefits of the tool. Instead, decide on priority, such as what is your most immediate desire. Decide which ones can be accomplished in the short term and which ones are more long term, think of it like your planner and goals, but using images instead. It is okay to set up several boards or divide your board up into short term and long term areas. Consider what you need to accomplish in the short term to achieve the long term change. Decide on a way to mark the ones as accomplished so you can visualize your progress.

I searched for some images, but truly couldn’t find a lot of creativity out there as what I envision as a Vision Board. I may have to create one as an example and post later….don’t want to post my personal one…well because it is personal….as yours should be!

Truly there is not a one size fits all, these are just my thoughts and recommendations…there is not a right way or a wrong way….put your board together how it best works for you….most importantly follow your Soul and have fun with it!

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