Do Crystals Work?

Recently, I was asked if I believed crystals worked. Everything in nature has an energy frequency, including Crystals. As far as them working, I feel their effectiveness depends on the individual, their beliefs and intent. If you believe a rock is just a stupid rock, then to you, it is just a stupid rock.
Like we discussed in a previous post, if a child is programmed to believe the sky is green and the grass is blue, that child believes it to be true and will continue to believe it true until an outside influence plants doubts in their programmed self to question it’s beliefs.

Doubts is the tricky part in our programming, as it is also in connecting with our Souls and finding our True selves. For example; someone that has been programmed that the sky is blue and the grass is green, if someone were to tell them it wasn’t true and the opposite to be true, they would have a much more difficult time believing it to be true, as the majority of society does not believe it to be true and would advise them it to be false.

Thus, most information that goes against the society majority in their beliefs, is perceived as false nonsense. People tend to fear the things they do not understand and it is automatically categorized as an occult of some sort. In history, many have been persecuted and put to death, because the majority of society feared a person to be evil, as their beliefs and practices were not understood and not like their own.

With Crystals, over the ages humans have associated specific meanings to each. Some of the meanings could have been passed down from our ancestors and some other variations is someone’s individual beliefs. Personally to me, as with all things, a crystal/gemstone meaning is whatever you believe it to represent when you touch/feel it and how you interpret it’s energy frequency, how it makes you feel.

Closing Pondering….have you ever wondered what life would be like today if our ancient ancestors had not been persecuted for their beliefs and converted to Christianity? Would our physical and mental healthcare be more natural remedies and practice than today’s chemicals, abrasiveness, etc? Would our food be more organic? What would our spiritual beliefs be like, would we know our ancestors practices and benefit in their wisdom and teachings and have a better understanding of the world around us? Would foreign relations be better or worst? Would people be less civilized…would there be less crime or more….would there be more unity?

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