How old is your Soul?

Using Numerology you can determine how many lives you have had here on Earth. In Numerology there is only 9 numbers by which all calculations are made, all numbers can be reduced to a single digit by adding them together, such as 1502 = 8(1+5+0+2).

So how do you calculate your Soul age here on Earth?
Example: Date of Birth is February 1st, 1985
Birth Month: 2
Birth Day: 1
Birth Year: 1985


Then add those numbers together:


Then add those numbers together:

If this is your birth date, then this is your 8th life here on Earth.

In the Chinese numerology theory, each of us live 9 separate lives on Earth to learn, grow and develop as a Soul can’t fully develop in one life time. In between each Soul life on Earth, the Chinese believe we are given a spiritual rest and while in spiritual rest, we assist our loved ones still on Earth with guidance and influence.

There is a lot of information out there on Numerology, even a number can be calculated based on your name, and of course there is many different versions and beliefs as to what the numbers mean and several different ways to calculate and interpretations. With so many, it is difficult to know what is true and what isn’t, you must trust your own Soul for guidance.

You may be wondering, how determining your Soul age can be of any use or importance. I feel in researching the subject, it might assist in giving you insight and understanding of your Soul in order for you to better know it, as there is certain characteristics and traits of an old Soul vs a young Soul. This knowledge can help you on your journey of knowing your True self, your Soul!

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