The 5 Elements and the 5 Senses

As there are 5 human senses, there is 5 elements. These 5 elements can be associated with each of the 5 senses.

Soul(Spirit) = Hearing
Water = Taste
Air = Smell
Earth = Sight
Fire = Touch

Let’s start at the bottom of the list and work our way up.

Fire/Touch – Fire governs emotions, passion, intensity, desire, intuition, understanding, imagination, and possibilities. Fire cleanses and purifies and it is also creative and destructive. It can consume everything in it’s path, and is the only element that cannot exist without feeding on something else. Therefore, it must touch something to even exist and is created by the act of friction of two things touching, such as rubbing 2 sticks together.

Earth/Sight – The Earth element is the most closely linked to the physical world. It governs, money, property and anything that is connected to the physical, as well as materialistic matter. It is associated with nature and beauty in the physical sense. Sight gives one the ability to appreciate the beauty of the Earth and all it has to offer physically and materialistically. Sight ultimately is what binds us to the Earth, as too many rely on their sight for truth. If one cannot see it with their eyes, thus they do not believe in it.

Air/Smell – Air is the element of the wind and governs all movement and is associated with travel, freedom, thought, ideas, intellect, imagination and discovery. Air is necessary for life, even fire must have air. Without air, there would be no smell to reach our noses, as our sense of smell relies on the air.
Water/Taste – The Water Element relates to our subconscious, emotions and dreams, constantly active beneath the surface, influencing our moods and is related to fertility. Water energy purifies, heals and offers emotional release. Water is also necessary for survival of the living, humans, plants, animals, insects, etc. Therefore, water can be associated to taste, as we must consume water to be alive. The food we eat and drink contains water as it must have water to grow. For example, as we eat a carrot, we taste the carrot that had to have water in order to grow so that you can eat it.

Soul/Hearing – Soul(Spirit) is the most difficult to associate into a reference and definition as it is everywhere and nowhere, and is the force that unites all. Our Soul element teleports us, so to speak, beyond the confines of Earth and allows us to open up to something much bigger than our physical selves, it is present in all aspects of life, and goes beyond the human thought and emotion. Unlike the other elements it has no defined place or location to reference, even though we cannot physically see, smell, touch, or taste it, we know it is there and we can hear it. Our physical sense of hearing is based on frequencies and everything has a frequency, including our Souls. I also believe, even though one has lost their physical sense of hearing, they still can feel and sense frequencies.
Of course, this is my own interpretation of the associations and there are a few others out there with their own beliefs and in different cultures. So my own beliefs does not make others false, nor does theirs make mine incorrect. Associations are each our own, it is up to you to decide their representations and associations as how they resonate with your Soul.

You may be wondering why the elements and our senses are of importance to our Soul…with all things their must be balance. The number 5 represents balance and symbolizes freedom, curiosity, and change. There is also many other beliefs and associations to the number five in various religions, the Bible, numerology, Angel Numbers, mythology, etc. If this intrigues, please take some time for a research journey ans enlighten your Soul.

Till Next Time…Blessings!

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