What’s In a Name?

Your name is how you identify with yourself as to who you are and how you are perceived by others. Ones’ name thru history has been immortalized in prose, poetry, and religion. Everyone is recognized and individualized by their name.
There is also power in one’s name and that power can be positive or negative. It can give strength, but also can lend to ones’ despair and emotional turmoil. For example, a child that was teased throughout childhood because of their name, that experience can carry with them throughout their life. Another example is a child that was named after their parent, but that parent abandoned them and was not there for them through out their childhood; every time they write their name or hear they name all the emotions and turmoil is brought to the surface and makes it more difficult for them to overcome the despair of the life experience.

I don’t usually talk about my childhood to most, as I find that most react with sympathy and even pity. That is not what I want them to feel or see every time they look upon me or talk to me. Instead I want them to see strength, courage, ambition, determination and inspiration.

Throughout my childhood, my middle name was used as my identifier. Once I removed myself, and escaped from that environment, I started using my first name and tried my best to bury my middle name. There has been times, some have resorted to calling me by middle name just to annoy me, but if they truly understood why I don’t like being called that name, perhaps they wouldn’t go there.

The person that once was identified by that middle name, is no longer here, she is no longer a victim, no longer a slave, no longer a hostage, and she is no longer in a depression of despair, she broke free, she has been reborn and is free to be her True-self.

I also feel every child has the right to know their biological parents, if they don’t, it haunts them all their life, not knowing their heritage to include helpful medical information, not understanding the whys, they never find a sense of closure, a mystery never solved.

I am one of those children, I have some leads and probabilities, but still don’t know for certain. Through a DNA paternity test, I do know the last name on my birth certificate isn’t my biological heritage. One would think, it would be as easy as asking the one biological parent that you know for certain is true, I wish that was the case. There can be a lot of emotional complications, as some refuse to acknowledge the truth of their past and claim they do not know. They somehow do not remember, I feel that may be because they worry and care more about how they will perceived than speaking the truth or maybe they are speaking truth and they really don’t know.

With all the turmoil around my name, several years ago, many many moons ago, I decided to give myself a name. I did some research on names and meanings, that also included some numerology calculations. This is where the name Zanna Moon was born. Moon, because I have always been in love with the moon, it has always been there for me through the good, the bad, my rebirth and spiritual growth of my Soul. Zanna(both the a’s pronounced in the short, truly more like Zonna is how I pronounce it) is a bit more from Numerology calculations and mythology. At the time, I did not realize until years latter, when a sibling pointed it out, that I have an ancestor on my mother’s side named Zana(the 1st a pronounced with the long and the 2nd short).

What or how do you associate with your name…perhaps a name change will start a new journey for your Soul!

Some believe that the name that you were given at birth is divinely guided and contains the vibrations for your life’s path and if change it, you may change the course of your life and mission that you are here on Earth to experience originally. They also believe if you choose a new name with a peaceful heart, you may be divinely guided to create a name that might correspond to your original name given to you at birth. So as always, I recommend you to follow your Soul for guidance.

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