Pondering and Wondering…Utopia
Utopia is an ideal commonwealth whose inhabitants exist under seemingly perfect conditions.

So let’s think about that….
Let’s say the world came together and created an actual Utopia and everything is PERFECT.
Everyone has everything they need and or want. There is no sickness, there is no hunger, there is no homeless, no natural disasters, etc. Thus there is no crime, no death, no mistakes, no adversity, etc., all is perfect.
With all of life problems solved, there would be no fear, no pain, and no despair, all the negative emotions would be no more. Sounds great doesn’t it and that is what you want isn’t it?

So hold on a minute, before you make that decision…have you given thought to positive emotions and what would become of them?
There would be:
*** no more Hope, as you would no longer need to hope for anything
*** no more Laughter, as there would be no silly mistakes to laugh about, as all is perfect
*** no more Gratitude, because all you need or want is a common right, no need to be thankful because you are never without
*** no more Pride, because all is perfect and you have not experienced adversity, you have not had to overcome obstacles
*** no more Contentment or Satisfaction, as to reach contentment and or satisfaction, you must have had experienced dissatisfaction, despair, etc, but all is perfect so there is none.
*** no more Love, because everything and everyone is perfect, there has been no struggles as all is perfect, thus you cannot love any one thing or person more than another.

What about Happiness you ask, wouldn’t there be happiness? Well, ask yourself, what is happiness?
Happiness can be defined as a range of positive emotions, including joy, pride, contentment/satisfaction, and gratitude. So if there is no positive emotions, then happiness is nevermore.

So once Utopia has been reached, then what? What do you do, as there is nothing to want for, nothing to achieve, and nothing to struggle for…therefore there is nothing…there is no purpose!

So ask yourself….”Do you really want Utopia?”

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