Having a bad day, week, month, year?

Soul Says I…Inspire!!!

We all have times in our life that can be a bit turbulent, unexpected twist and turns on our journey where we feel no matter what we do, there seems to be no light.

To all who are feeling like they are on a sinking ship, especially to my dear little sister as she recently asked me in her round about way how I cope.

First, just take a pause from your worries, take a deep breath and appreciate yourself and know that no matter what you don’t deserve to be let to have a breakdown!!! Now reflect back on all that you have overcome in your journey, give yourself a hug and a pat on the back. Go to the mirror or the camera selfie will work too and tell yourself aloud that you are strong, you are a survivor, you are a winner, you are pretty darn amazing…because you did conquer!!! So now ask yourself, what is so different about then and now?

It always helps me to remind myself of all that I have conquered and if I made it through that, there isn’t much that I can’t handle and I am bound and determined that there isn’t anything that I am going to allow to break me EVER…I will WIN…defeat is not an option !

Next, think of all things in your life that really matter as it is the little things that really matter most and reflect on that and think about what you really want out of life…what do you want carved upon your soul once your time here comes to a close?

Fellow souls, we are all in this together, so never EVER and I mean never EVER forget how AMAZING YOU are…stay POSITIVE, never doubt the power of positive energy, don’t EVER give up, and don’t EVER let it break you…NO MATTER WHAT !!!

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