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Create a Vision Board

What is a Vision Board? A Vision Board is literally a display tool used to help you visualize and focus on the change you desire to accomplish. It can be used to visualize many areas of life that you want to change, such as relationships, career and finances, home, travel, personal growth to include spirituality, social life, education and health.… Read more →

Make a Choice…Achieve Change

Life’s Ups and Downs, it’s like a roller coaster, sometimes spiraling out of control it seems… It may seem we have no control, but we must realize, that we actually do. Our life journey is about the choices we make, the chances we take, and the changes we seek. We must make a choice, to take a chance, to achieve… Read more →

Soul meme – A World of Infinite Possibilities…

Wondering….Have you looked up the actual definition of meme ? It is all to easy for us to just accept new social trends and terms, without giving much thought as to what it is or what it means to modern society. So if you are curious as to the definition of meme, here is what is stated on Wikipedia: A… Read more →

What will be Your Legacy?

Morbid subject…Hopefully, not too much so…Pondering the cycle of life…. With all beginnings their is an end, with life their is death, part of the life cycle. In the physical, have you thought about and or made plans for your passing and legacy? Yes, yes, I know…some do not like to think about death, but it is part of our… Read more →

Happy Sun Snow Day

Happy Sun Snow Day! Not much Sun this morning where I am at, instead a blessing of beautiful illuminating snow. In the daylight, the snow gently covers nature, giving us an amazing wonderland to soak into our very Soul. If you catch the wonder just right in the evening, you can see tiny fairy lights just below the surface; as… Read more →

Do Crystals Work?

Recently, I was asked if I believed crystals worked. Everything in nature has an energy frequency, including Crystals. As far as them working, I feel their effectiveness depends on the individual, their beliefs and intent. If you believe a rock is just a stupid rock, then to you, it is just a stupid rock. Like we discussed in a previous… Read more →

How old is your Soul?

Using Numerology you can determine how many lives you have had here on Earth. In Numerology there is only 9 numbers by which all calculations are made, all numbers can be reduced to a single digit by adding them together, such as 1502 = 8(1+5+0+2). So how do you calculate your Soul age here on Earth? Example: Date of Birth… Read more →

The 5 Elements and the 5 Senses

As there are 5 human senses, there is 5 elements. These 5 elements can be associated with each of the 5 senses. Soul(Spirit) = Hearing Water = Taste Air = Smell Earth = Sight Fire = Touch Let’s start at the bottom of the list and work our way up. Fire/Touch – Fire governs emotions, passion, intensity, desire, intuition, understanding,… Read more →

I am an Empath, are you?

As an Empath we sense energy from people and the environment around us and absorb it. This allows us to experience the energy all around us, including emotions and physical sensations, in extremely deep ways, it is in our Soul. We take in theses feelings, emotions and pain of others and often have trouble distinguishing someone else’s discomfort from our… Read more →

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