Who is Joshua O’brea?

Dreams are mysterious things and I believe most of us dream at some point in time. They are quite fascinating, down right scary real, joyful, weird and intriguing all at the same time. I have had recurring dreams as well, one of being stabbed to death, swearing revenge on my killer. I have had dreams where something had chased me and right before jumping back to reality grabbed a hold of me trying to come through with me. As a teenager I used to have this recurring dream of driving off a bridge into the water drowning. I also had one that showed me how the world, earth as we know it will end, but perhaps I will save that one for another time.

A first for me though is a recent dream where a name was given. I think back over the years of dreams I have had and not once has a name been presented to me in a dream that I can recall. I am not sure what it means, I’ve never known anyone by the name and don’t recall reading about anyone with the name. The dream is a bit fuzzy now, but I can still see the name as clear as day in my memory. I searched the web of course and have not been able to even find a match on the first name with the last name spelling, but I know I have it right. In the dream I remember thinking O’Brien and then I heard no and then shown the name. Kind of strange, but maybe one day I will figure it out and perhaps it means nothing and it was a but a dream.

What do you think? Have you ever had a name come to you in a dream and if so did you research it or just let it go?

Shadow Me This
Walking in the after life.
Searching for you.
It was dark, too dark to see.
I bumped into a shadow.
Chase me it did.
Through the ruin of the streets.
I thought I gave it the slip.
Slowed down to catch my breath
and there it was on top of me.
With a knife held to my throat.
A quick reflex of a knee to the groin.
Back through the veil I jumped.
It caught a hold on me pulling me back.
Or perhaps trying to escape with me, I am not sure which.
We struggled I couldn’t get loose.
Within me came a voice.
It was oddly familiar, but not quite my own.
You must know me not.
I only bumped into you in my haste.
Your hate for me I understand not.
The voice continued in my disbelief.
If you don’t let me go, I promise you.
I will make you wish you had.
Then surely you will know me!”
I don’t know how, but I believed I could without a doubt.
Something in that moment must have resonated with the shadow.
It quickly let go of the grip on my soul.
I laid there still on my bed.
In the dark of my room, my heart pounding, my mind racing…

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