Virtual vs Reality

Have you ever had an idea of something or someone, believed in it with every fiber of your being, in your heart, mind, body and soul from a virtual perspective, then when the moment presented itself to reality, your idea was just shattered to dust?

It was nothing like you had imagined it would be. You tried to find something in the midst to hold onto, but no matter how hard you tried there was nothing left of your idea to be found. You felt so lost and questioned every want and desire, loosing trust in yourself, unsure of what to believe in and even if there is a point to anything in your existence. A life time of pain, injustice and struggles that was thought to be buried floods back, overwhelming you.

The the numbness sets in and there is nothing…you bury your heart and soul, for how long you do not know. You don’t want to think, you don’t want to do. Your not sure if you will ever recover or even if you want to, but there is this one speck of dust buried deep inside of your very soul that refuses to let you go. Like a seed and you wonder can you really let yourself hope again, you’ve lost so many times…can you be reborn once again?

Little Girl Lost
Death she fears not
it is welcoming her

The shell she lives in
is but an empty space

Lost so very long ago
hiding behind the mask

Searching for what
she doesn’t know

Hope in the hour glass
is running out of time

In the darkness,
she watches, she listens

There is no light
she can’t find her way

Wishes don’t come true
in such a place

She learned a long time ago
best to be silent

The tears stopped
many moons ago

Each day falls
it is just a motion

She is but a shadow
in time

If you saw her
would you truly see her

The stars are calling
for her

Among the stars above
Look for her

Shining she will be
for all to see

No longer hidden
no more shadows, no more mask

She has finally awakened
to the task

She has found her place
at last

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