Because I am Exceptional !!!

According to the word “Exceptional” in simple definition is defined as not usual: uncommon or unusual; unusually good: much better than average.

Over the last several years I have been living underneath a cloud of perception where no one is exceptional, as everyone has room to improve. Being exceptional doesn’t mean perfect and I disagree with this categorization of every individual as being unexceptional. I take pride in everything I do, I strive to do it better than average and take offense of being thrown into a category of those that do not, because I am exceptional !!!

Exceptional I Am
In the shadows I hide
With sounds of silence
Inspiration alive

The spotlight is not I
Basking in the glory of self
Feeding the lies

Delusion is thy
With Perfections
Of thine

Inconsistency is I
Flawed uniqueness
Exceptional am I

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