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Scorpio Vivien Leigh Nov 5, 1913 – July 7, 1967

Vivien Leigh intrigues my curiosity, not so much because she was an actress, but because we share the same birth date and she passed away in the same year I was born. If you have any interest at all in the possibility of reincarnation, then you can understand how this might catch my attention. Not saying that I do believe… Read more →

Because I am Exceptional !!!

According to the word “Exceptional” in simple definition is defined as not usual: uncommon or unusual; unusually good: much better than average. Over the last several years I have been living underneath a cloud of perception where no one is exceptional, as everyone has room to improve. Being exceptional doesn’t mean perfect and I disagree with this categorization of… Read more →

Who is Joshua O’brea?

Dreams are mysterious things and I believe most of us dream at some point in time. They are quite fascinating, down right scary real, joyful, weird and intriguing all at the same time. I have had recurring dreams as well, one of being stabbed to death, swearing revenge on my killer. I have had dreams where something had chased me… Read more →

Spirit Bear

Over the holidays I came across a post from a gentleman, the subject line was “Christmas Alone.” He was having a very difficult time according to his post, everything that you could imagine to be going wrong, he was going through it, health, marriage, job, vehicle, etc. He seemed to be reaching out on the web just looking for someone… Read more →

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