Soulmates – Do You believe ?

Soul Says I…Discover!

Do you believe in soulmates?

If you do, have you found him or her? If you have, how did you find each other? If you haven’t, what have you done to search for the one?

These questions lead to a journey I have been on in search of my soulmate. So yes I do believe!!!

Below are 3 links to pages posted online from gentlemen that should be praised and appreciated for their search for her. Please read each post fully and comment back on how each of these post may or may not have touched your heart and soul and please do feel free to share these pages as these gentlemen truly deserve to find the one they are searching for.

LettersToLuthien –
Softspoken –
HeWaitsForHer –

Stay tuned for a separate post by the ladies, even though it seems my search on ladies is not faring as well, but I will keep looking and if you know of any similar post from the ladies, please share the link.

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