Believe…Do you ?

Soul Says I…Evolve !

Do you believe…what is believing ?

The dictionary defines “Believe” as accepting something as truth.

The human brain translates our perceptions of our senses as truth. What if the color red is not actually red? Is it possible if we weren’t programmed to believe the color red as red that it would be something entirely different? Can we reprogram ourselves to believe red is actually blue?

As humans in order to reprogram ourselves in accepting truth as different from that in which we believe is truth, we would have to remove all doubt. Is that possible?

Perhaps you think you see a vase and accept that as truth, but maybe it is something entirely different.

Is the reality we perceive as truth, is it truly reality?

Perhaps our everyday life of survival distracts us from our true selves…are we more than we actually perceive ourselves to be?


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