Age of Aquarius – Evolution Revolution!

Soul Says I…Evolve!


On February 4th, 1962 a total eclipse occurred and the planets Mercury, Venus, Mars, Jupiter, Saturn, Earth, with the Moon and the Sun, were all found in the constellation Aquarius. Quite a Cosmic event!!! Some believe this marked the beginning of the Age of Aquarius while others believe it will not begin till the year 2160. Astrological ages are cycles of 2160 years and run in reverse(retrograde). Therefore at the end of the Age of Pisces, the next Age is of Aquarius rather than of Aries.

There is much debate on what is in store for us during this Aquarian cycle. Aquarius is normally associated with democracy, freedom, idealism, truth, intellect, invention, rebellion and nonconformity. Some believe it is an age of spiritual awakening, where we experience a shift in our consciousness of a new awareness. There is no real substance as to what that really entails and could be interpreted differently by each of us. Have we been sleeping? Perhaps our everyday lives have been distracting our true potential and the ambition to seek to be more, has been forgotten and lost.

As mere humans, is it possible for us to evolve into something more than our current state of existence of surviving from one day to the next? Would that require us to use more than 16% of our brain cells at any given moment? Which I believe is the latest calculation of how much we actually use. As a society it seems we are still quite primitive in nature, our instincts doesn’t seem to have changed much, we are stuck on our basic necessary survival, reproduction, and oh how we do love drama, like a rampant virus.

Can we evolve without Unity among our species? Must we continue to persecute one another for being an individual, for being outside the acceptance of society? Perhaps we should treat each other as a unique work of art, a one of a kind and not as an outcast because of differences in beliefs, interest, skills, haves and have-nots, age, gender, color, looks or sexual preferences. Perhaps if we could embrace one another with total acceptance for who we each are, perhaps then we could eliminate social status to achieve greatness for all.

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